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Be an Angel!

Please take a moment to consider what you can contribute toward the construction of a new, ADA-Compliant bathroom. the continuing volunteer efforts of the Fairfax Food Pantry, or the overall upkeep of our small but mighty church.

Pictured: Larry and Holly Bragman, George Taylor, Rev. Katharine Harts

Pictured: Larry and Holly Bragman, George Taylor, Rev. Katharine Harts

Saturday Food Pantry: 9:00 to 11:00

Service to the Community

On May 15, 2018, the Fairfax Food Pantry celebrated SEVEN years of service to the community, handing out an estimated 1,749,478  pounds of food over those years. Another measure of our service is that over those 7 years, guests have received groceries about 98,000 times!

 Did you know that every week in partnership with the Marin/SF Food Bank and Fairfax Volunteers we serve 280-300 people?  Did you know that we deliver 10-20 food boxes every Sat. to those who are homebound? 

 These are concrete things we can talk about and quantify.  What is a little harder to quantify is God's transformative work in our own lives as we serve others together.  I know it is happening because, not only have many of you told me, but I have also witnessed the transformation in your lives. Thanks for volunteering; without you we could not have served so many people over the years.

~ Rev. Katharine Harts 

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